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Your New York Digital Signage Week Quick Pocket Guide

New York Digital Signage Week kicks off next Monday! The official hashtag is #NYDSW be sure to use this hashtag if you'll be attending any of the events taking place Oct. 30th - Nov. 3rd.

Around this same time last year, I was watching a live stream of AV Nation taking place in the heart of NYC's Times Square. I felt like I was watching the AV version of MTV's TRL or something. You could see the big bright signs in the background and they brought on major companies along with top influences with them. I found myself watching this live stream for almost an hour, but there was one statement closer to the end of the segment from Chris Neto that really enticed me to dig deeper into the Digital Signage space.

"This industry, the specific industry of digital signage and Digital Out of Home, they have understood and gotten the whole concept of content before us AV people have."

This one sentence struck a nerve inside of me and that live stream alone lead me to realize people in digital signage understood the entire experience and that's what I needed to be a part of. I started asking more question about digital signage, I then found myself attending shows like the DSE (Digital Signage Expo) and I knew NYDSW (New York Digital Signage Week) was an event I was not going to miss this year.

One thing about NYDSW is that anyone can host an event. Manufactures, individual brands, and industry associations all come together to showcase and educate attendee's on a variety of different topics around digital signage. Many of these events do overlap and though this is my first year attending NYDSW (super stoked by the way) I wanted to share a blog version of a pocket guide to some of the biggest events taking place next week.

** You can download the PocketGuide App here**


Lunch with Samsung -

Lunch with Samsung will be the event I kick off my week-long trip with. I hear there are still a few tickets left. If you want to get in on this event move quick and click the link.

Barco's Media Lab Session -

Barco's events are known for being the official kick-off of NYDSW. This year Manolo Almagro will be their keynote speaker and I've marked this event as a must attend. You will be able to see Barco's new UniSee up close in personal too! Now, this event is SOLD OUT, but you can sign up to be on waitlist here.


Daily DOOH Investor Conference -

This conference is the annual business trends event of NYDSW. There will be lots of talk on current and future trends, as well as recent mergers and acquisition. Let's not forget the networking that'll take place with senior executives, entrepreneurs, investors, and media owners that you don't want to miss out on.

Coffee and Controversy -

If you have followed NYDSW via Twitter like I have in the past. You know this event is one of the most talked about events of the week. This is an annual event hosted by the DSF (Digital Signage Federation) and will take place at Google New York City Offices. Brian McClimans and Laura Davis-Taylor, both who are board members of the DSF will be moderating panels. I've marked this event as a must-attend event as well. You can Register for this event here.

NEC New York Partner Showcase VIP Cocktail Reception –

Yes, this event is invite only but you might have a chance of getting in if you know somebody that knows somebody. This is the party to be at, so link up with your NEC tweeps and find a way to get on this guest list.

**If you're unable to attend here is a list of some other cool events going on in the city for Halloween.**


Video Everywhere Summit -

The DPAA (Digital Place Based Advertising Association) Video Everywhere Summit is the largest one-day at NYDSW! The speaker list is stacked with some of the most influential speakers and it's being held at the official hotel of NYDSW - The Roosevelt Hotel.

OpenEye Global & NEC Host an Experience Design Tour @ Madame Tussauds -

This tour will truly be an experience of its own as Open Eye Global and NEC take us behind the scenes of the creative process for the Ghostbusters experience, Project Runway and more. This event is another SOLD OUT event but if you're dying to get in, email Open Eye Global and maybe (strong maybe) they can squeeze you in.

** Keep up with me and Open Eye Global on Instagram to see behind the scenes footage of this event**

#WINNYC New York Digital Signage Week -

Women of Infocomm New York are hosting a regional get together full of networking fun. If you have attended the Women of Infocomm Breakfast at Infocomm or a local WIN event in your city this is a must attend. Come mix and mingle! Sign up here.


NEC Partners Showcase -

As I mentioned many events overlap. This is taking place on both Wednesday and Thursday at SIR Stage 37. It's your chance to experience the latest display technologies and solutions in the industry. Pick a day to stop by, interact and connect with NEC's best partners from 10 am to 12 pm. Sign up here.

SEGD Xlab 2017 Conference -

SEGD (The Society for Experiential Graphic Design) xlab returns with a theme, Experiences in the Era of Disruption. Bryan Meszaros CEO and founder of Open Eye Global, who is also Vice President of the SEGD board is set to host the xlab event. Co-founder and editor-in-chief of DailyDOOH, Adrian Cotterill is listed among xlab speakers as well.

BrightSign Happy Hour @ The Press Lounge – Sponsored by Elo Touch and Peerless AV –

BrightSign's Happy Hour is another highly anticipated evening event. Yes, here is another invite only event, but a link to get on the guest list might just be right in front of you.......


** BONUS POINTS ** BrightSign is also hosting some great trainings. Sign up and grab some CTS RUs (Renewal Units)

Online Action:

If your not attending NYDSW be sure to keep up with my Twitter and Instagram accounts and watch AV Nation's live broadcast throughout the week. They'll be live Monday from 2 pm - 4 pm, Tuesday from 11 am - 1:30 pm and Friday from 2 pm to 4 pm (Eastern Time)

See you all in NYC next week!

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