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3 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Twitter Video

This has been one tremendous week for me on Twitter. If you know me you know twitter is my favorite place to be in online. It's a news outlet, I can catch up on what's happening in sports, world news, entertainment and more right from my twitter feed. Twitter is also my favorite place to connect with people. People like me who love social media and marketing, all my #AVtweeps that are passionate about audiovisuals just as much as me. There is a community for just about anything you are interested in. Technology, science, cooking, sports, you name it. I am pretty sure I can find a hashtag that relates to your interest that'll lead right into a community of like-minded tweeps. This week I've made deeper connections than ever before by utilizing the twitter video feature.

Monday afternoon while recording my podcast Social Slice. Madalyn Sklar told us about something new she was doing called #VideoReplyDay on twitter every Tuesday. It's an initiative to encourage more people to use the Twitter video feature. I had to join the action. I love twitter and when my friends mention a way I can support, of course, I'm in! #VideoReplyDay blew my mind! I knew it was going to be a different social experience, but I didn't know how much fun I was going to have. Here are 3 reasons you should come join the fun and incorporate video into your twitter efforts.

1.) Going Beyond 140 Characters

When you interact with your audience via the Twitter video feature, your message is taken way beyond the normal 140 character limit of a tweet. Your recorded video can last as long as 140 seconds. In addition to the video you can add 140 text characters too (which is important). You're able to connect and engage your audience with a video and text! Adding text in your video furthers your reach and allows your tweet to be searched on Twitter in the future. Adding a short description, and a few hashtags along with your video is one way to further engage beyond the 140 character limitations.

2.) Building Stronger Relationships

During #VideoReplyDay, I actually spoke to my followers that I had been connected with for years. I was able to learn more about each individual. I learned that Adel dog's name is Jackson and that Blake is the ultimate connector of the minds. I got to hear the voices of my followers and grasp pieces of their personalities. There were so many different accents displayed across a variety of different cultures, it became a shared global experience. Building personal relationships lead to long term friendships and that's what social media is about, being social and connecting with awesome individuals.

3.) Engagement Goes Through The Roof

Now I am no expert like Madalyn Sklar or Gary Vaynerchuk . But I am very active on twitter and put forth the efforts to engage every day. To measure all the activity on twitter with #VideoReplyDay I went directly to my Twitter analytics first. Why? Because I can see which of my tweets are doing the best within the last 21 days of this month. I can see my top tweet, top mention, top follower and my top media tweet. Within the last 21 days, my top follower, top media mention, and top media tweet all came directly from doing video this week. All this engagement was on a global scale too. Zala is in Slovenia, Ai is in South Korea, and Louise is in London. I had so much fun and such a high level of engagement on #VideoReplyDay I stuck with it all week! It's not just about joining the conversation anymore, it's about how we're joining the conversation. Professor Nez said it best "Video response is the new texting."

Here is a Twitter moment I created. Start using video on Twitter and join us all on #VideoReplyDay every Tuesday. Thank you Madalyn for encouraging us all to use Twitter video. I am so happy to be apart of such a great movement taking over the Twitterverse.

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